One-on-One Lighting Mentorships


One-on-One Lighting Mentorships

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One-on-one mentorships are one of the best ways to learn lighting on any level. Lighting can be a tricky thing to learn but knowing how to implement it into your photography can set you apart from other photographers and keep your creative juices flowing. From simple, one-light studio setups to amazing location lighting, there are literally no limits to what you can do when using lights. All my mentorships take place at my studio in Omaha.

In a typical single-day mentorship, we will cover the fundamentals of lighting and implement 2-3 studio setups. We will then move outside and talk about adding lighting to location portraits. The day will start around 9:00am and finish up around sunset. 

For a two-day mentorship, we will cover the fundamentals of lighting and implement 4-5 studio setups. We will also talk about using story-telling for natural light shooting. After that, we will explore using lighting on location. Lastly, we will spend time editing and going over anything else you want! Day one usually lasts from 9am-sunset and day two goes from 9am-5pm. 

If you have any questions, please email me as I would be happy to answer!


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Where do the one-on-ones take place?

  • It takes place at our new studio in Omaha, Nebraska!

What do I need to bring?

  • We suggest you bring your camera, laptop loaded up with photoshop, and anything you would need to edit and take notes.

What is included with my fee?

  • Your fee will include the registration to attend and a the LOOK Light PDF book. You will be responsible for arranging your travel, lodging, and other amenities. 

Where should I stay?

  • The OMA airport is just a quick 8 minute drive from the studio and we recommend you stay at the Elements business hotel. It is brand new, really nice and very reasonably part is, it is just 1 mile from the studio! If you want to stay at another hotel, let me know and I will let you know more about the location and hotel. 

Is the fee refundable?

  • We will not refund the registration fee but we will transfer it to any future date.

What experience do I need?

  • This is up to you! We will cover as much as you want and the mentorship will be completely customized to you. 

When can I schedule the mentorship?

  • Once you register, you have 12 months to schedule. Typically, mentorships take place in the Fall or Spring as my Summers are packed with clients and the winters are cold here in Nebraska.