Seniors Ignite Shoots!

After a week of editing, retouching, and working, I have finally finished all of the images I shot during my five model shoots in Nevada! I was very lucky in getting to work with such a great group of seniors who had a mix of good looks, awesome personalities, and great style! For those who don't know, Seniors Ignite is a nationally recognized organization of senior portrait photographers from all over the U.S.(and Canada!). Every February, they host a big event in a warm part of the country and hundreds of photographers attend, learn, exchange ideas, and make friends.  

This year, I was pretty pumped to be named a lead shooter.  This meant I was chosen as one of the top senior photographers in the country and was assigned 5 models to photograph, both to provide photos for the models to use, but also to teach many other attendees new techniques and give them some insight into how I work so they can expand their photographic knowledge. I packed up my lights and other gear into my carry-on bag, brought about 5 t-shirts and a pair of jeans and got to work! All in the name of photography right??

With that said, I ended up shooting over 2,000 images in two days! We traveled to a ghost town in the middle of nowhere(Nelson, Nevada) and also shot around the lovely grounds of the Westing Hotel at Lake Las Vegas. Each day this week I will post a gallery of my favorite images from each shoot starting today with Anna, from Oklahoma! This was a quick, one-hour shoot and the theme was "basics" which meant simplifying the wardrobe to bare feet, a black tank and jeans. Sometimes keeping the styling basic and just capturing the personality is hard to beat. Enjoy!

MEM0132 1LR.jpg
MEM0152 1bwLR.jpg