The Making of: 2013-2014 Creighton Basketball Poster

Now that the Big East season is in full-swing and Creighton is dominating most of their games, I wanted to post a write-up on the the poster we made for the team and a little bit about how we created it! First off, thanks to Joe Willman and coach Tyler Glidden for hooking us up on this job...they were great to work with and gave us a ton of creative freedom to do the best job we could! 

Back in September, we came up with a concept for the poster. The idea was with Creighton moving to the Big East, we wanted to create something that featured the city of Omaha, the Creighton seniors, and the BRAND NEW logo for the school! Once the new uniforms arrived, Wragge, Manigat, McDermott and Gibbs came over to the studio for their portion of the shoot. We wanted the players to be the prominent piece of the poster, so we lit them in a dramatic way that made them stand out from the city behind them and added a blue gel to the kicker light to give the effect that the city glow was light the players from behind them. Here are the original shots of the four players from our studio.


We then spent a couple nights driving around downtown Omaha to find the perfect angle and time of night to get a great photo of the skyline that would fit our vision.  I probably have pictures of downtown from every possible angle (and ran into some interesting people...) but we decided on a panoramic shot from northeast of the city because it included the major pieces that make up the skyline along with the Century Link Center.


These are the major pieces of the poster. The most time consuming parts were all the finishing details, such as scaling the players in to their proper heights, adding a more dramatic, cloud-filled sky from another photo, putting a nice Creighton-blue haze over the city, and lastly, placing the logos and schedule into their places. We were pumped with how the final poster looked and hope to do something even more fun and crazy for next year!


A little bonus behind the scenes action for everyone! Here is a little collage I put together of Doug showing off his skills in the studio. Enjoy!