2015 LOOK Models!

So now that the class of 2014 is finishing up their senior year, it's time to bring on the class of 2015! This is pretty exciting here at LOOK because with a new class comes new LOOK Models!!  What is a LOOK Model?? Well, where to start...  A LOOK Model is a hand-picked 2015 senior who has a look, an attitude, a style and wants to have fun and create some rad photos with us and help spread the word about LOOK! 

Being a LOOK Model means you will get exclusive photo shoots throughout the year and images to share with your friends and "likers" on instagram, twitter, or wherever else you crazy kids want to post them.  You also get $150 off your senior photos when you book with LOOK (and really...why wouldn't you??), a free session with your friends on location, and some other surprises we aren't going to say just yet!

If you are interested and have not been contacted yet, shoot us an email, text, smoke signal, or whatever else you want and we will see if you have what it takes! Here are just a couple of last year's LOOK Model images and we have even more locations and surprises for this year!